Automatic eye drop filling machine

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10 sets per Month
Port: Ningbo,China
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Automatic eye drop filling machine

Application: Eyedrops are one of the most commonly used dosage forms for ophthalmic diseases. The packaging is usually plastic bottles with stoppers and caps.Eye drop filling machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries, this filling equipment is suitable for all kinds of small diameter plastic bottle filling and rolling cap.We Shangnuo With many years of experience in operating eye drop filling machine series, our company's eye drop filling machine technology has been very mature, to meet the filling requirements of all kinds of eye drops in the market.
This machine is mainly suitable for automatic filling, plugging in and screw capping of electronic cigarette liquid, eye drops, nail polish, eye shadow, essential oil, with filling volume less then 100ml. It’s full automatic filling, plug,add remove beads/nail brush, cover screw/cap rolling, adopt linear conveying, linear conveyor belt/ball rolling in the rotary plate, cover screw/cap rolling in the rotary plate.PLC control touch screen operation interface, with lack of bottle no filling, no bottle plugging, no cap and other functions, high degree of automation, filling without leakage, the machine design reasonable, easy to operate.
Technical parameter:
Model SN-YS2 SN-YS4 SN-YS8  (can be custom to 10 and 12 head filling)
Filing head qty 2 4 8
Capping head qty 1 2 2
Filling volume 1-50ml(can be 50-100ml custom-made)
Capacity 20-40 bottles/min 40-80 bottles/min 60-80 bottles/min
Power supply 1 Ph. AC220V, 50/60Hz
Total power 1.2 KW 1.5 KW 2 KW
Net weight 500kg 600kg 650kg


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