Bottom Film Pillow Packing machine

Item No.: SN-250X
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Min.Order Quantity: 1Set
Supply Ability:
10 sets per Month
Port: Ningbo,China
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Bottom Film Pillow Packing machine


The downward moving film pillow type packaging machine adopts the downward moving film packaging, which is mainly applicable to the packaging of areca nut, instant noodles, candy, Western food, aviation food, hotel supplies, wipes, masks, electrical components and other block goods in food, daily chemical, hardware, cosmetics and other industries.

Technical parameter:
Model SN-250X SN-350X SN-450X SN-600X
Packing speed 35-220 bags/min 35-180 bags/min 35-120 bags/min 35-120 bags/min
Width of film 90-250 mm 90-350 mm 100-450 mm 100-600 mm
Making bag size Double low cutter  L 65-190, W 30-110, H 5-50 (mm)
Double high cutter  L 90-220, W 30-110, H5-60 (mm)
Single high cutter  L 150-330, W 30-110, H 5-60 (mm)
Double low cutter L 65-190, W 30-160, H 5-50 (mm)
Double high cutter L 90-220, W 30-160, H 5-60 (mm)
Single high cutter L 150-330, W 30-160, H 5-60 (mm)
L 150-450, W 50-200,
H 10-70 (mm)
L 180-500, W 50-240,
H 10-100 (mm)
Total power 2.4 KW 2.4 KW 2.9 KW 3.6 KW
Power supply 1 Ph. AC220V, 50/60Hz
Machine size L4000×W850×H1500mm L4000×W950×H1500mm L4000×W1000×H1600mm L4200×W1200×H1750mm
Net weight 400kg 500kg 800kg 1000kg


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