SN-2815K Automatic Granule Packing Machine

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Min.Order Quantity: 1Set
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10 sets per Month
Port: Ningbo,China
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SN-2815K Automatic Granule Packing Machine

This machine is mainly used for packing small packing bags of Chinese herbal medicine, scented tea, Medlar, Banlangen, melon seeds, moon cake,sault and other granules.

Technical parameter:
Model SN-2518K SN-2815K   SN-2828K   SN-4530K
Packing speed 30-50 bags/min 30-80 bags/min   30-50 bags/min   10-40 bags/min
Packing range 1-200ml 5-200ml   10-350ml   50-1500ml
Film width ≤250mm ≤ 280mm   ≤ 280mm   pillow seal film≤ 450mm
3/4 sides film≤ 380mm
Making bag size L: 50-180mm, W: 15-115mm  L: 50-150mm, W: 15-130mm  
L: 50-280mm, W: 15-130mm   L: 50-300mm, W:
Packing accuracy ≤ ±1%depends on product
Air consumption pure electric,no air compressor required   need air compressor
Power 1.6KW 1.6 KW   1.6 KW   1.9 KW
Power supply 1ph,AC220V, 50/60Hz
Seal type 3/4 sides seal, pillow seal
Net weight 230KG 250kg   300kg   350kg
Machine dimension L680*W730*H1700mm L800*W680*H1800mm  
L800*W680*H1900mm   L1100*W800*H1900mm
Material main cover:304 stainless steel
contact part with packing materials: 304 stainless steel
main cover:201stainless steel
contact part with packing materials: 304 stainless steel
Control system PLC computer   computer   PLC
Operation interface Color touch screen


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