SN-JZ4 Automatic chili/tomato sauce filling machine

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Min.Order Quantity: 1Set
Supply Ability:
10 sets per Month
Port: Ningbo,China
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SN-JZ4 Automatic chili sauce/tomato sauce filling machine

Application: Automatic chili sauce/tomato sauce filling machine suitable for filling semi-liquid without or with small particles, such as sweet chili sauce, beef paste, bean sauce, mushroom sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, honey, sauce, shrimp paste, also can work for various liquid and viscous liquid products(such as shampoo and body wash, toothpaste, face cream, alcohol gel, aloe vera gel, dishwashing liquid),filling and capping, the machine is full automatic filling, cover, screw/roll cap, adopt linear conveying filling, screw/roll cap in rotary plate. PLC control touch screen operation interface, with lack of bottle no filling, no bottle plugging, no cap and other functions, high degree of automation, filling without leakage, the machine design reasonable, easy to operate.

Technical parameter:
Model SN-JZ4 SN-JZ6 SN-JZ8 (10 or 12 filling nozzle customized)
Filing nozzle qty 4 6 8
Capping nozzle qty 1 1 2
Filling volume                        30-500ml500-1000ml customized
Produce Capacity 10-40 bottles/min 20-60 bottles/min 30-80 bottles/min
Power supply 1 Ph. AC220V, 50/60Hz
Total power 1.6 KW 1.9 KW 2 .5KW
Net weight 600kg 650kg 750kg


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