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peanut packaging bag machine debugging site

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Update time : 2022-06-25 17:08:35
      Peanut usually refers to peanut kernel.  The peanut kernel is the part of the peanut that has the shell removed, which is actually the seed of the peanut, and the whole peanut is called the fruit, the pod.  Peanuts are loved by many people because they are delicious and delicious and have high nutritional value, especially in leisure and entertainment places.  Peanuts are usually packed in plastic bags, either vacuum packed or non-vacuum packed.  The following picture is the debugging site of peanut packaging bag machine we have been working on:
      Peanut bagging machine is also called prefabricated bag packing machine.  It is suitable for granular materials, such as melon seeds, nuts, candy, raisins, medlar, jujube, potato chips, biscuits, crystal crystal, sugar, feed, frozen food, sea crystal and other granular materials of automatic measurement packaging, contact materials and food is divided into 304 stainless steel material, to ensure quality and safety. 

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