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Automatic oral liquid bottle washing machine operation

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Update time : 2022-04-09 10:46:08
       Washing and drying oral liquid bottles are important preparation procedures before liquid filling.  Our automatic oral liquid bottle washing machine, also known as semi-automatic turnover bottle washing machine, first of all, the bottles to be washed automatically arranged into the bottle supply tank, using tap water or ionized water by ultrasonic rough washing;   After the bottle is "cavitation" by ultrasonic, the foreign matter attached to the bottle falls off.  Then the bottle automatically into the special bottle bucket, in the natural state of activity, the bottle mouth downward, the bottle wall washing, so that the bottle wall foreign matter does not enter the bottle, and then into the inner wall washing station.  The needle is automatically inserted into the bottle, while the pressure plate is pressed, eight groups of water and air pressure fine washing, blow-dry, complete the bottle cleaning work (first through four groups of 60℃ ionized water or back filtration water, and then through a group of purified compressed air blow-dry;  Then the two groups were washed with medicinal water.  Finally, two groups of purified compressed air are blown dry before entering the next process.  
       Operation sequence of automatic oral liquid bottle washing machine:  
1. Prepare oral liquid bottles, place them neatly in the bottle supply tray, connect power supply, water and compressed air;  
2. Confirm that all the preparatory work has been done, press the start button of the bottle washing machine, and try whether the machine runs normally;  If the machine is running properly, you can continue to operate.  
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