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Medicinal filling machine have big function

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Update time : 2021-03-05 15:13:22
     Due to the particularity of drug production, drug packaging from materials to packaging methods, from environmental requirements to label processing is more stringent than food packaging, and the restrictive conditions are more stringent.After the rapid development in recent years, China's pharmaceutical filling machine has experienced a process from import to imitation to gradual self-improvement.The medicinal filling machine produced by Shangnuo Machinery is meet international production quality standards.Our automatic pharmaceutical medicinal filling machine is mainly used for automatic filling and sealing of 5-30ml syrup, beverage, enzyme oral liquid, liquid calcium, medicinal liquid, etc.The machine integrates filling, capping, sealing and bottling into one. It is compact and flexible in structure. It can be used by a single machine and can also form an automatic production line.
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Shangnuo has been providing customers with high quality liquid filling machines for over 20 years in China. Our goal is to deliver a precise amount of product to the consumer in an attractive bottle that promotes your offering over the competition.
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